A Touching Story About The Friendship Between A Tiger Cub And A Puppy

“Love knows no gender, age, race or religion. Love is free-flowing and uncontrollable.”

At the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, there is a young and playful Bengal tiger cub named Hunter. He had to be separated from his mother at a very young age after she began showing some aggressive behavior towards him.

“We believe that Hunter was born at a time when the female must have felt compromised in some way as she rejected him. He was the only cub in his litter and it’s very important for him to have a companion”, Anthea Michaletos said, a volunteer at the sanctuary.

She was worried Hunter would lack love and comfort his mother would’ve provided. This is when Hunter began to bond with Michaletos’ puppy Chelsea who was a German pointer.

“We currently have a baby tiger, he’s almost three months old now and his name is Hunter. And I have a puppy, a German Shorthaired Pointer, she’s about four months nearly and her name is Chelsea. They seem to really enjoy one another,” said Michaletos.

Now the little guys are close friends. They play together and often entwine with each other. They even become sad when it’s time for them to split up during the day.

“In the mornings when I take Chelsea out, she will run to his cage and greet him. There is a lot of wrestling involved, Chelsea pushes him over and then he jumps on her. For him to have a four legged friend is very helpful because he can play in the same way that he would with another litter mate,” Michaletos said.

However, their friendship had to end after a few months because a six month old tiger cub can be dangerous to play with for a six month old puppy.

Source: Us new today

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