Animals Brave Vet Goes To War-Torn Ukraine To Rescue Traumatized Animals And Delivers Them To Safety

As the brutal war between Russia and Ukraine happens, the internet has been flooded with photos and videos of people and pets fleeing their country in search of safety. However, not everyone is safe yet. There are still many animals in Ukraine in desperate need of help.

Thankfully, many heroic volunteers and shelter workers have chosen to stay behind to care for these poor animals. Some people even risk their lives driving into war-torn Ukraine to help them. The Polish vet Jakub Kotowicz is one of them.

Jakub, along with other volunteers, organized a rescue expedition into Ukraine. He wanted to help the animals that were abandoned amidst war. Scroll down to see how Jakub and his team saved animals. Warning: some of these images might evoke strong emotions.

For every trip, the van is filled with animal cages and food supplies.

Not only do the vets give poor animals medical care and supplies, but they also offer much-needed emotional support.

The vets and volunteers work all day and night.

Many animals just couldn’t be saved and had to be put down.

Other animal rescue organizations from Ireland, Denmark, and many other countries also joined to help these animals.

The group of vets and volunteers is using all of the money to buy necessary things.

The animals show their gratitude to the selfless vets.

Over 200 cats and 60 dogs were rescued during the operation. Many of them were adopted, and some were even reunited with their Ukrainian families.

Source: centrumadopcyjne

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