The dog owner refused the treatment, but luckily a kind vet showed up

It’s unfortunate to hear that the dog owner refused treatment for their pet. In situations like this, it’s important to remember that animals depend on their owners for their well-being and health. Refusing treatment can put the animal’s life at risk and is not a responsible way to care for a pet.

However, it’s heartening to hear that a kind vet stepped in to help the dog in need. Veterinarians are dedicated professionals who have devoted their careers to helping animals in need. They often go above and beyond to provide care and treatment to animals, even when faced with challenging situations like this.

In cases where an animal’s owner is unwilling or unable to provide the necessary care, it’s essential that other compassionate individuals step in to help. Whether it’s a veterinarian, animal rescue organization, or concerned citizen, every effort counts when it comes to helping animals in need.

In this particular case, the kind vet who provided treatment for the dog is a shining example of the compassion and dedication that makes a positive difference in the lives of animals. We should all strive to follow their example and do what we can to help animals in need.

This is a story of a little chihuahua who was neglected at a home, and then saved by the San Jose Animal Services.

The dog is Mia. She was practically dead when the Animal Care Center arrived to examine her. They determined that Mia had pyometra, a uterine infection. Sadly, her previous owner was the one who first resisted payment.

However, besides the bad guys all over the world, there are always the kind ones, in this case like the vet who performed the life-saving surgery, even though he didn’t know if Mia’s owners were able to pay for her operation.

Besides this, he did what he had to. It was his responsibility to try and save her life. After the operation, which was enough successful, Mia did not look better. In fact, she looked worse. This is why she spent some more days at the hospital to get better.

But the story didn’t end here. After a few days of her being hospitalized, her owner visited, and what he did shocked everyone! He tried to get her without paying for the surgery.

After that, the vet requested the San Jose Animal Services, to check up on Mia, and because of this the owner of Mia, had to bring her back, immediately. What’s more, she was found all starved, thin and all alone.

Fortunately, good results started to appear there. After a while, she started to look like any other normal dogs, and she loved belly rubs.

Thankful to the treatment she got, Mia became normal, happy and so playful. The one that was left all alone and starving, was back to normality and started to play with the students who were practicing, and even dresses up for Halloween!

Source: Us new today

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