After Living on the Streets for Years, a Dog with Only Half an ear and Fleas finds Faith again

A small dog should have a happy life full of love and a safe roof. But some pets are forced to wander the streets aimlessly without a place to call home.

They have to deal with hunger, cold, thirst, and, most of all, persecution.

Meg, the pet dog, has already been through a lot in her short three years.

Meg is a small sugar tone that just showed up on the patio of a horse’s house in Texas, USA, a few days ago. When he first saw her, the owner of the restaurant could not look at her because she was so neglected, malnourished, and full of fleas that he could not look at her.

It was clear that this mysterious little dog had spent a lot of time on the streets, or at least that is what her deep, sad eyes suggested. She seemed to have given up on ever living to be a hundred years old.The horse’s owner wrote about what happened on Facebook, and it did not take long for animal loving angels to show up, ready to do whatever they could to help the sickly foal.

People from the This Is Houston Shelter who came to your house to meet Meg and give her their whole drink. As soon as they saw her, they knew they had to act fast to help her feel better and stop being so sad and hurt.

Everything was done to honor the pet dog.It was found that Meg weighed less than five kilograms. The vet who looked at her said it was one of the worst cases he had ever seen. She had lice, infections, was missing half an ear, and was covered in fleas.

Source: Forever Love Animals

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