A Little Puppy Head Is Stuck In A Wall Made Of Concrete

Puppies usually get into trouble when they eat something they shouldn’t, like carpet lint or snow salt. Most of the time, they involve playing with the wrong adult pet or breaking a table.Rebel, an 8-month-old German Guard puppy from Waterfront Nation, California, found a new and rare kind of young puppy accident. He spent all of Monday afternoon with his head stuck in a brick wall.

Rebel’s owner had left the house, but Rebel’s next-door neighbor heard him calling for help and called the Riverside County Department of Animal Providers, which sent a group out today.

When they got there, they found a pet that was scared and hurt.My first thought was, “Whoa, how did he get in there?” In a news release, Sgt. James Huffman of Riverside Area Pet Services said that he had this in mind. And why is there such a big hole in the surface of the wall? According to a news release, Sgt. Huffman and his partner, Officer Hector Palafox, quickly checked the dog’s breathing and decided he was not in any immediate danger. Even though the situation was terrible, he might still be able to breathe.

Huffman went on to say that keeping him from getting hurt was our main concern.

According to a news report, both police officers confirmed the distance between the pet’s head and the brick wall. There was enough room to get the pet out without hurting the wall or putting the pet’s life in danger.

According to the news release, one cop worked on the dog’s head from one side of the wall while the other cops worked in the dog’s belly from the other side. Policeman Palafox pushed the dog’s ears back to keep it from getting hurt during the rescue mission.According to a news release, Rebel the dog was set free after a few gentle pokes and about 30 minutes into the rescue.

Sgt. Huffman continued, “He told us if we were pushing too hard, but he kept working right along with us. He had a lot of common sense. You could see that his back legs tightened to help us move in the direction we were going. He knew we would help him.Rebel was not said to have been hurt physically in a way that would last because of what happened.

Source: Forever Love Animals

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