She Was so Weak and Hungry that she was Just Skin and Bones When She Was Saved

Tootsie is a small, easily broken dog who survived the dog meat truck trade. Tootsie, who only weighed 2.5 kg, was found in a terrible state. She had a bacterial infection in her ear, a skin mite infection that spread through her body, and distemper. She had degenerative spinal disease and bone spurs in her spine, which made it hard for her to stand up or move around.

When Tootsie was found, the first thing that was done was to shave her so that her skin could heal. She was given medicine to treat her diarrhea and pain, but her condition stayed very bad.Her spine and back legs were stiff because of the bone spurs. This was a long-term problem that needed treatment all the time. Even though she was sick, Tootsie was very strong and fought hard to stay alive.Tootsie went to acupuncture three times a week, and she also worked out every day to help her legs get stronger. Her caregivers gave her comfort, safety, and good food, and they took care of her around the clock. One thing they could not give her, though, was a real place to live. As they watched Tootsie fight bravely to stay alive, this news broke their hearts.Even though her health was bad, Tootsie showed signs of getting better. She began to eat more, and her mood seemed to improve. Her caretakers hoped that she would get better and find a forever home where she could live out the rest of her days in comfort and love. But in the end, Tootsie’s body gave up, and she died peacefully.Tootsie’s story is a sad reminder of how cruel and unkind the dog meat trade is. It is a clear example of how many animals in this industry have to go through pain and neglect. Tootsie’s strength and fighting spirit in the face of so much trouble show that animals have a strong will to live, no matter how bad their situations are.

Those who cared for Tootsie will never forget her. Her story is a powerful reminder of how important it is to stop the dog meat trade and keep fighting for animals’ rights and well being. Sweet Tootsie, rest in peace. Your story has moved us, and you will always be remembered as a symbol of hope and strength in the face of cruelty.

Source: Forever Love Animals

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