The Dog With A Heavily Infected Face

He has a long healing journey ahead, but he’s getting the very best medical care.Remember Warrior Dogs Marco, Marshall Tucker, and Dante? They came to us with such severe infections in their face from different types of injuries. Paulie now sadly joins their club.

The moment we pulled up on the street, we could see a skinny body with a head much too big. We could see the infection from the street. This poor dog wound up on a kind woman’s front porch and passed out from pure exhaustion.She did not look the other way or shoo him off of her property. Instead, she was worried sick and called us. We arrived on the scene and were greeted with a kind tail wag. Although he was in such great pain, it didn’t stop him from welcoming us with an open heart and giving us all of his trust. The infection smelled horribly and we knew he needed to get to the doctor right away.When Stray Rescue of St. Louis first found him, his face was ripped wide open and full of infection after being on the losing end of a dog fight. He was pitiful yet so grateful. He was almost in awe of them as they kissed him. He stared at them as if he was saying “are you seriously kissing me right now? that’s all I have ever wanted”

On his freedom ride, he tried to climb up in our laps and looked at us shocked when we gave him a kiss on the cheek. He looked at us and then COVERED us in smooches. It was an emotional moment, because it was as if he couldn’t believe the love he was getting and so eager to give back.He’s been getting laser treatments in our clinic every few days. This is a sterile topical gel containing chromophore with an LED lamp that reduces healing time, up to 50%. They stimulate cell growth and is anti-bacterial to help with healing.

Our amazing team was ready with pain meds the moment we walked in the door at Stray Rescue. They too were instantly smitten with this cute little pup who needed help so badly. But soon he was sedated so Dr. Schulz could begin cleaning his wounds and seeing the severity of it. There was so much necrotic tissue. This guy will have a long healing journey as the wound is just so large. But with an attitude like his, we know he will make it through this.

Pauli has recovered very well. He was sooo happy to enjoy all the attention out in the yard, complete with so many kisses and lots of playing. As the wound heals, the skin around it is going to become very tight.

And now, shelter is way overcrowded, so please come get Paulie and help him begin his life. It’s time.


Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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