Brave Dog Survives Difficult Birth and Emergency C-Section

On March 1st, The Stray Rescue of St. Louis just picked up this poor baby who was trying to give birth in a vacant lot. But according to neighbors on the scene, she’s been trying all day with no luck and having a lot of discharge. They knew immediately she was having complications and needed emergency help. The doctors rushed her here and after seeing one large, stuck puppy on an x-ray, they are prepping her for an emergency c-section right now. They named her Panchita.During surgery, Dr. Schulz estimated she had been in labor for about three days due to the size of her bladder. Her heart stopped three times during surgery, but they got her back. Stray Rescue of St.Louis clinic team is beyond impressive and amazing, they didn’t waste a second.

Sadly, her puppy was already passed away and stuck. Her bladder was so full, she hasn’t been able to urinate since the puppy got stuck days ago. That’s right, she’s been going through this for days. It is possible she was pregnant with just the one oversized puppy, or she could have had others, but if they were deceased when they were born, then she would have cleaned the mess herself.

She had trouble waking up from anesthesia. But the doctors were telling her all about having a family of her own, and maybe a fenced in yard with a big tree, her eyes began to flutter and her breath deepened. She woke up and made a full recovery. After being in emergency surgery and having her heart stop 3 times, to eating breakfast and feeling so good already. They got her set up on the comfiest of blankies and will monitor her all day.

They told her she would be adopted by someone with a nice big yard with lush grass, and maybe a tree to lay under. That they would take her for a walk around the block every evening and let her lay on their couch. This nightmare would all be behind her, and waking up would be so worth it.Panchita is maybe the cutest little pup in the world. She crawls over to you and just climbs right into your lap. She gives hugs, too. It’s beyond precious. She’s so little but so brave and strong.To think that she would have 100% died in that vacant lot last week without Stray Rescue medical intervention is so sad. She also has heart worms and her bloodwork has been all over the place.
Panchita is almost ready for a foster home.

“Panchita is available for adoption now. Panchita’s foster mom here she is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. Make eye contact and it’s over, youll be giving her belly rubs for hours. She smiles right at you and makes little pig grunts. The cutest thing ever! My pitty has never been a big brother before but they’re doing so well together.”, the volunteer said.

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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