A Pregnant Pit Bull Gives up her “Puppies” to protect her Owner’s Daughter from an Cobra

This pit bull gave her life to save her owners!Nong Horm was a brave woman who attacked a snake in her family’s garden in Pathum Thani, central Thailand, only to be killed by the snake’s venom.

Nong Horm was nearing the end of her pregnancy when she bravely confronted a monocled snake, one of the world’s most dangerous.Despite the snake’s life-threatening condition, the pitbull bit it on the lips, allowing the venom to kill it quickly.The incident happened quickly, and the family was powerless to intervene. Suriyon Chanthakhet, the owner, expressed deep regret about the incident. “While defending us from the snake, our wonderful dog was killed.” My heart is shattered. “I am sobbing just thinking about how much pain she must have felt,” he said. Surіyon lаmentѕ the loѕѕ of her dog Nong Horm іn the рhoto аbove, аѕking, “Why dіd thіѕ trаgіc thіng hаррen to you?”. Nong Horm wаѕ а greаt heroіne deѕрite her trаgіc сirсumstanсes.

Source: Forever Love Animals

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