The Dog Tries To Get Help From Strangers After Being Attacked

Last Friday, Stray Resscue of St.Louis receved a call came in that a dog was “messed up” and found his way into someone’s yard. He is messed up alright. He was then rushed to the emergency room at Stray Rescue of St.Louis.He’s full of large, infected holes all over his legs, chest, body, and his poor ears. Definitely bite wounds but could potentially also be gunshots. He was taken by doctors to take x-rays to determine the cause of his injuries.


But first, Dr Schulz is cleaning his wounds, getting antibiotics and pain meds. His heart rate is really fast, hoping he’s not septic. It’s crazy to think how sweet and gentle he was knowing how much pain he’s in. They named him Good Boy Friday.

His wounds on his chest, legs, sides, ears, and inner thighs are all bite wounds, so he was definitely in the losing end of a bad dog fight. But when we did x-rays, we also saw that at some point he had been shot by a ton of BBs, all over his body. His wounds weren’t fresh, so there is some infection festering. He’ll need drains in his deeper wounds.

As if that’s not enough, most of his teeth were broken, too. He had to have a major mouth surgery and get a lot of teeth pulled. That could be from biting a fence, someone could have broken them so he couldn’t fight back. His mouth wounds were also old and seemed to be completely unrelated to the bites. He’s been through the wringer. There are some photo x-ray of Great Boy Priday.

Thank you to everyone who has given for his emergency medical care. He’s on the upswing and is maybe the sweetest creature in existence.But affection is his love language, and that is what is going to help him heal. He just wants loving all day. He is the best good boy.

We’ll keep the updates coming on his healing journey!

Source: Stray Resscue off St.Louis

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