People Hear Cries Coming From Discarded Tube And Can’t Believe Who They Find

When TNR volunteers got a tip that there were kittens in an abandoned trailer, they immediately got to work. The trailer was completely trashed, and the volunteers were worried they’d never be able to locate the kittens in the mess.
But then, they heard tiny cries coming from a pile of discarded insulation tubes and quickly began to dig.

“They began moving the tubes and found the kittens deep inside one of them,” Pat Maloney, executive vice president of The Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society said.The Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society had already agreed to take in the mom and her kittens if they were located, so once they were safely out of the tube, they were whisked off to receive immediate care. The kittens were wet for some reason, which is very dangerous for them at that age, and their rescuers knew they needed to get them warmed up and cared for as soon as possible. “When their eyes opened, they had mild eye infections, which is common in kittens coming from less than ideal circumstances,” Maloney said. “They were started on medications to treat them and are doing very well. Mama is terrified of humans, so she is encouraged to leave the nesting box when we need to handle them, but at this stage, we handle them as little as possible to keep her calm and feeling safe.”If people in the neighborhood hadn’t been keeping an eye out for the mama cat, her kittens may have never been found and brought to safety. Instead, they led volunteers right to them with their tiny cries, and now the entire family is in very good hands.

Source: Daily dodo

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