A Puppy Was Found Stranded And Alone With A Horrible Skin Infection And A Bad Leg Injury

Napoleon a barely 10-month-old puppy was reported being in deplorable condition.
Looking at his physical state it is almost too heartbreaking to even imagine what he has been through.
Napoleon was found stranded and alone with a horrible skin infection and a dangerous and graphic leg injury. Napoleon’s bone in his leg was exposed.
As for his leg injury, it is unfortunately irreparable, the bone has been exposed for far too long, it is now rotte. the only course of action possible for him will be amputation.
His blood test also came back showing some anomaly to his pancreas.
He was taken to Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA). He has already lost a significant amount of hair from his scabies, a highly contagious skin parasite. He is miserably itchy and constantly scratching and biting at his painfully infected and crusty skin.
The doctors in BETA are treating his skin with medication to resolve the infection and giving him frequent baths with medicated shampoo and conditioner to soothe his aching body.
Napoleon will be getting all necessary treatments to fight off all current and potential infections, his leg will be amputated as soon as he is stable enough to undergo anesthesia.
Napoleon has been deemed medically unstable for the time being, he will be kept under close observation hoping he makes it through his ordeal.
In the mean time he is receiving pain medication to help him cope.
It’s almost too heartbreaking to even imagine what he has been through.
Source:  Cuddly

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