Young Puppy Was Found Nursing A Horrifically Wounded Front Paw

8-month-old puppy Osaka was recently spotted hiding under a parked truck with a gruesome injury to her front paw. Someone had tried to help Osaka by wrapping her paw in a bandage, but unfortunately, this had done more harm than good.

Osaka was absolutely terrified, and it took a great deal of coaxing to get her out from under the truck. When the doctor of Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) finally got the bandage off, they could see that the flesh had been ripped from this poor girl’s paw, and she was missing a few toes.

The exposed bone was protruding from the mangled limb, and they cannot imagine how much pain this sweet baby girl was in. They have no idea how Osaka came to be so injured, but they knew that if she did not receive medical care soon, this injury would soon become her cause of death.They rushed Osaka to our vet to have the paw examined. The vet informed that Osaka would need to undergo surgery to repair the damaged bone and tissue.

Typically, in addition to surgery they would treat Osaka’s wound with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, which involves injecting the animal with a concentration of their own platelets to accelerate tissue healing. However, Osaka has tested positive for Ehrlichia, a tick-borne infectious disease most commonly characterized by high fever, respiratory distress, and bleeding disorders. Due to this diagnosis, PRP therapy is not an option for Osaka right now.

Osaka is therefore looking at a prolonged healing process because of the Ehrlichia, hopeful that the doctors can help her overcome this illness and get her started on PRP as soon as possible.Osaka is currently resting comfortably at our vet and has already begun treatment. Her pain is being managed with medication, and she has started on a course of antibiotics for Ehrlichia.

They are hopeful that Osaka’s limb can be saved, but without the PRP therapy, Osaka may wind up losing her leg.Osaka will likely need extensive medical care to overcome this horrific injury and BETA cannot support this sweet girl without your help. Please consider donating whatever you can to help they cover the cost of Osaka’s medical care.

Source: Beirut of the Ethical Treatment of Animlas

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