It Was Very Painful To Hear That Little Puppy Original Human Parents Chose To Uthanize Him

A puppy named Billy about a 4 month old, who was scheduled to be euthanized by his owners. It was very painful to hear that original human parents chose to euthanize him because they were not attached to him.Billy was suffering from an intestinal obstruction, but his “family” didn’t feel attached enough to him to cover the expenses required to save his life. The owners refused to learn about care credit and simply requested to have poor Billy euthanized.

Fortunately one of the wonderful vet techs contacted AMA Animals and they were just in time to prevent a tragedy from happening. Billy’s former owners signed the surrender agreement, and now Billy is under AMA care. He was admitted to the emergency hospital in critical condition, and it’s up to the doctors in AMA to save his life. They were ready to do whatever was necessary. The doctors said “We soon learned that it wasn’t an intestinal obstruction at all but an extreme inflammation in his intestines. Most likely due to poor diet and the garbage that he was eating previously.”

The testing wasn’t conclusive regarding the obstruction. Once the specialist review the case, it was decided to keep the puppy on supportive care and to see if there were any changes in his gastrointestinal tract. If not, then exploratory surgery would have to be performed. After a few days at the hospital, Billy was finally out of the woods. The doctor says him glucose levels are up, and he is getting him appetite back and Billy eat his first meal after days of being unable to eat. Little guy is in a foster home, feeling great and fully recovered.

Once Billy was healthy enough, he was ready to meet his forever family. AMA recived so many applications for him. And just like that, little Billy is no longer homeless. He’s been through a lot, but all the horrible things are behind him now. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Billy.




Source: AMA Animals

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