A Young Swiss Guy Resigned His Work Sold His Belongings And Travelled To Africa To Help Conserve Wild Creatures

Unfortunately, people nowadays appear to have forgotten about nature. They only care about money, and as a result of their selfishness, the world has ended up ruining the place we all call home: planet Earth.

We’re all aware of the implications of climate change, and we’re all witnesses to the vast extermination of animals, yet we do nothing. Fortunately, there is still hope since there are still people out there who like wild creatures and would go to great lengths to protect them. And this young man exemplifies what genuine awareness and participation entail.

Dean Schneider is a 26-year-old animal lover from Zurich, Switzerland. Since he was very young, Dean learned to love and respect the wildlife.

And two years ago, for the sake of his passion and nature, the young man made the biggest decision of his life. He decided to give up his prestigious job, he sold everything and moved to South Africa, to save wild animals.

Dean began his long-awaited project, Hakuna Mipaka, here. A facility that cares for rescued wild animals. For lions, zebras, hyenas, and even baboons who had to live in deplorable conditions, this is bliss on Earth. Dean’s intentions are as unlimited as the place’s name, which means ‘no bounds’ in Swahili dialect.

“It is my aim to reach out to as many people as possible and educate them about nature and the wonders of the animal realm.” “I believe in the power of knowledge, passion, and visual tales to transform people’s attitudes and rescue wildlife by sharing messages about animal respect and love, as well as their critical worth to our world,” Dean describes the aim of his company.

This kind-hearted man spent his entire life so far protecting wildlife, because, as he said: “we only protect what we love!”

Source: Instagram/dean.schneider

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