Mother elephant gently wakes her baby to drink milk everyday

Elephants are intelligent, affectionate, and human-friendly animals. It is amazing to witness the love of an elephant mother for her baby by waking the baby elephant up.

These two mother elephants were raised in Thailand, where the elephants live close and are cared for by humans. At an elephant barn, a large mother elephant is trying to wake up her baby elephant.

It seemed that the baby elephant was sleeping soundly on the warm grass and the weather was perfect for sleeping.

However, it’s time to eat. Mother elephants have a lot of milk and baby elephants need to drink enough milk to grow. So the mother elephant wakes up the baby with her trunk.Her gentle actions show great love for her son. She used her trunk to gently touch the baby elephant to wake it up, continuously. The sleepy baby elephant opened its eyes but didn’t wake up. He was sleeping soundly, so he continued to sleep.

The mother elephant very patiently used her trunk to push him up. She is very gentle with her son. She did not lose her temper but waited and walked around her child.

After quite a while, the baby elephant woke up. He immediately ran towards his mother and hid under her large body. He walks unsteadily and constantly leans on his mother’s legs. His eyes showed sleepiness. The mother elephant still held her trunk towards her son to make sure he didn’t fall.

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