Outside Her Door A Woman Discovers A Strange Animal Cowering

Christina Eyth saw something strange outside her home earlier this week on a chilly and snowy day in Pennsylvania. There were fresh tracks in the snow from what seemed to be a dog. Eyth was concerned about the pattern they created.

“I noticed dog tracks leading up to my door, as though he was searching in for assistance,” Eyth told The Dodo.

Eyth made the decision to follow the rails to their destination, which was right outside her basement door.

She explained, “That’s when I noticed this unfortunate animal.” “He was shivering and looked chilly.”

Fortunately, Eyth was able to persuade the cat into her basement with food, drink, and warmth after many minutes of nervousness.

He looked to have mange, and his condition made it difficult to tell what sort of animal he was. Is this a domestic dog? Is it a coyote?

“I wasn’t sure,” Eyth said, “but he never displayed signals of violence.” “I simply observed an animal in distress and wanted to assist him.” That’s exactly what she did.

Eyth posted about the unknown critter on a local message board, and Tj’s Rescue Hideaway, an animal protection organization, arrived quickly to help.

They, too, were unsure of the animal’s identity. Regardless, they understood he needed their support.

“Maria, the group’s organizer and her crew came out and caught him without injuring him,” Eyth stated. “They took him to Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant for care and testing to see what he was.”

It will take two to four weeks before the results come in to ascertain if the animal is a dog or coyote, but in the meantime, rescuers are treating him with the same care and respect all animals deserve — just as Eyth had done.

“No matter the results to the test, I wouldn’t have changed anything I did to help him,” Eyth said.

Hopefully, the unknown animal will recover completely. What happens next will be determined by the findings of the test, but Eyth intends to be there for him anyway.

“I’ll be there when he’s freed if he turns out to be a coyote. My husband and I would love to adopt him if he turns out to be a dog once he has recovered enough to be adopted! “she stated “I’m really thankful and glad that I saw his tracks and followed them.”

Source: Christina Eyth

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