Dog Is Trapped Deep Within Storm Drain Had Lost Hope Of Ever Being Discovered

Michael Vargas is an urban explorer who makes it his aim to explore the less-traveled areas of cities in order to discover and photograph things that are both hidden and forgotten.

However, during one of his latest adventures, he came upon someone who could not be disregarded.

Vargas and his pals were touring a canal near his house in Oakland when they decided to stop and photograph some fascinating graffiti decorating the walls. Vargas would save a life as a result of that unexpected halt along the route, as it turned out.

“I was simply hanging out with my girlfriend when I heard her remark, ‘Holy s—!’ It’s a dog!’ “A dog?” I wondered. Vargas explained to The Dodo. “I was taken aback. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was a small white dog in this little side drain area. He was suffocated.”

Vargas was well aware that he needed to take action.

He added, “My heart simply fell.” “I couldn’t leave this dog here,’ I reasoned. If we leave this dog alone, he will die.’

All in all, Vargas said, it took about an hour to gain the dog’s trust enough to lure him close enough to reach.

“He was so scared of us,” Vargas said. “I think he was so confused and weak.”

It’s unknown how the dog ended up in that tight location, in a difficult-to-reach nook of a storm drain, but Vargas believes the puppy wouldn’t have survived much longer if he hadn’t been discovered.

Vargas, on the other hand, didn’t only save the dog from death that day. He provided him with a second opportunity at happiness.

“We went to the vet right away,” Vargas added.

They discovered the dog had a few ailments that needed to be addressed, which Vargas was delighted to cover. But he was also warned that the puppy had probably been in considerably greater pain before they met.

“The veterinarian thought that he may have been abused,” Vargas said, adding that he remained hopeful that the dog was still searching for loving owners. “There was no chip or identification.” We inquired about shelters. We looked through the lost and found, as well as the next-door neighbors.”

No one seemed to be on the lookout for the dog Vargas had rescued. So he gave him his own name: Rusty.

Vargas has recently decided to adopt Rusty, making him the nicest treasure he’s ever discovered in his years as a city explorer.

“At the end of the day, we chose to love him.” Vargas said, “He’s ours.” “He’s attached to me.” I’m not sure what his past was like, but I’m working to improve his future.

I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and this is by far the most bizarre trip I’ve ever had. I’ve never saved a single person’s life. It’s very satisfying to get his affection in return.”

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