Mini Hyena Gives Her Rescuer a Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ Before Returning To The Wild

In South Africa, Farmers in Johannesburg found an aardwolf cub. Most people do not know what an aardwolf is, as they are rarely seen on this continent.These adorable little animals are related to hyenas. This hyena was lost and in need of help. The farmers searched for the cub’s mother but were unsuccessful. They called the wildlife vet and asked them for some help, and they raised her.

When she first came to them, she was very malnourished and dehydrated. They just had to get her through the first couple of days and get her to eat. They named her Maple, and she lived in her rescuers’ house. OF course, the animal became attached to her rescuer. These animals only eat termites. They took her to the field to find bugs and prepare for the next step.Maple was to get ready for release. She was to get used to the sights and sounds of the field. She was moved to an outdoor enclosure, where she made a burrow. Within four months, she became more comfortable with her world, free to discover and experience her life as a free, wild animal. She was to roam and learn the lay of the land.Her rescuer would still provide her with the milk she required. She was allowed to come back if she wanted, and her rescuer wanted her to be free to choose. 

The cub was finally ready for an adventure into the unknown, as she decided to leave and explore on her terms, but before she left, the aardwolf cub turned around and thanked her rescuer for helping her.

Source: Madlyodd


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