Sweet, Big Dog Checks On Tiny Puppy He Assists In Resurrecting

Elli Smith was in the process of rescuing a puppy from the Arizona Humane Society when she came upon another canine in dire need of assistance.

Smith, the founder of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, told The Dodo, “I glanced in the parking lot and saw this lady coming in with an animal in her hands that was absolutely limp and not moving.” “I was thinking, ‘Oh no, I know the Humane Society, and I know this animal is going to be killed,’” she said.

Smith rushed to the lobby, where she overheard the woman asking the front desk for help with the puppy. After, Smith introduced herself and handed the lady her card — just in case.

“I got in the car, and I was thinking, ‘Please call me. Please call me,’ because I knew that that puppy was not gonna make it,” Smith said. “Sure enough, within 10 minutes, she called me and said they wanted to euthanize the puppy, and I said, ‘Nope. Bring it to my vet right now.’”

Penelope, a 3-week-old dog, was coated in hundreds of ticks and required emergency blood transfusion. Fortunately, the vet had the ideal candidate.

Murphy, the vet’s favorite dog, was hurried to the hospital by his owner, and he immediately took to the puppy. “He was really interested, like, ‘What is this small thing?’” says the narrator. Smith stated his opinion.

Just a few syringes of Murphy’s blood brought the puppy back to life. “You could literally see the color rush back to her gums and the life into her eyes,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “This was such a special moment. I have to imagine Penelope is quite thankful for Murphy … her hero.”

When Penelope was out of the woods, Rachel Hendricks, the practice manager at Pet Urgent Care, took the puppy home so that she could bottle-feed her around the clock. Meanwhile, Smith worked to find and free Penelope’s mother.

Petunia and Penelope were reunited after treating her for ticks, and they couldn’t have been happier to see one other again.

Petunia began licking her baby right away, allowing her to feed. The two canines’ personality dramatically changed when they were reunited. “Petunia     is a social butterfly who enjoys rolling over on her back and getting belly massages,” Smith added. “Of course, Penelope enjoys being consoled, especially now that her mother has returned.”

Penelope’s mom, Petunia, and 25 other dogs were living outside in a fenced-in pen. Petunia spent her life in a dirt hole, exposed to the sun, wind and weather. Smith convinced the property owner to allow her to take Petunia and other sick or ailing dogs.

Petunia and her baby will stay in their loving foster home until Penelope is 9 to 10 weeks old. Then, it will be time for both pups to start looking for a family of their own.

Smith hopes to find one who will give the dogs the care and attention they deserve and, of course, lots and lots of belly rubs.

Source: Facebook/ Sky Sanctuary Rescue

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