Story Of A Little Dog Rescued After Eating Trash

A story of a little girl who we named Misty , rescued after eating trash.One day, her tongue started to hurt. Eating became more and more difficult. Her old owner didn’t know she was in pain. Although she tried to show them that she didn’t eat food they haven given

She was so hungry and so lonely. She was out looking through the trash for something to try and eat like she had done so many times before. She was insatiable.

She hoped that they would wonder why and take her to the doctor. She was so hungry and she couldn’t eat no matter how hard she tried. The food would fall out of her mouth and make a mess on the floor.

Maybe that’s why her old owner put me outside. Because she was messy. There was no food out there for her to try and eat so she started roaming all day. Sadly, her old owner didn’t look for her.Someone who wanted to help her when she out again eating garbage. Her fur had grown so long, she looked like a gray tumbleweed but that fur kept her warm and covered up how skinny she had become but the knots pulled at her tender skin. The nice people found her owner, but they said they couldn’t take care of her. Then, she was taken to the veterinary hospital.

She was got a bath and a hair cut and they gave her two little pink bows. Everyone looked at her sad thougt because she is so skinny. The bows made people smile and the sweater made her feel safe.The doctors gave her lots of food out of a syringe. It was so soft and slippery that she was able to swallow some and she want more

Doctors looked at her, ran tests and poked her with a needle. It hurt at first but the fluids that flowed into her body made me feel stronger. It took her aches away and she could think straight again and she felts good to be cared for.

The tests came back and they found out that her kidneys weren’t working well. More fluids and special food but she still can’t swallow. She is trying.

She bit down on the syringe. She wanted to eat but couldn’t. The doctors helped her hold still and opened her mouth as wide as it could go under a bright light.

Finally, she painful tongue. That’s why she isn’t eating.Oh, if only her old owner found this years ago, she would be strong enough to fix itAnd now, she is being cared for by doctors before her tongue can return to normal. She can eat and become more beautiful.

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