Moose calf rescued from drowning by Calgary kayakers

A female moose calf is lucky to be alive after a dramatic rescue on the Sheep River, just outside of Calgary.

Ben Clark and Scott Linton were paddling on the Sheep River in Southwestern Alberta when they spotted the unexpected. The two experienced whitewater kayakers were taking a rest-stop after navigating the technical rapids upstream, when they noticed a moose calf curled up on a cliff shelf opposite them—just barely above river level.

The calf spotted the kayakers almost simultaneously. It stood up, lost its footing, and helplessly fell into the fast-moving water below. The Sheep River is primarily glacier-fed and can reach frigidly low temperatures during springtime.

Cold water aside, Clark knew full well that the calf, if unhelped, was headed straight towards one of the larger rapids on the river. A swim through it could prove fatal. The duo knew they needed to act fast.

“We jumped out of the boats and went into rescue mode at the same time trying to keep an eye out for mama,” Clark recalled.

In late spring, cow moose with young calves are very protective and are known to attack humans who come too close.

Linton waded out into the river while holding onto a throw rope and managed to grab the calf from the flow.

Linton and Clark were quick to leave the scene after their rescue success.

“The calf walked up into the sun and started to call for mom so we got the heck outta there,” said Clark.

With assistance from: Clark, he brought the calf to the river’s edge and began to rub its body to retain its warmth.

Source: Global New   

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