An Abandoned Dog That Was Discovered In An Old Shoe Is Now Living Like A Queen

Goran Marinkovic, of Kraljevo, Serbia, was on his morning rounds when he came upon a heartbreaking scene when walking to rescue the abandoned and starving animals. An abandoned puppy was found next to an old shoe that appeared to be used as a coat by the guy.

Goran found another dead puppy just a few meters from the puppy. With no mother in sight, the young survivor was surrounded by trash and plastic bags; both were mercilessly abandoned to their fate. The puppy had been using the shoe as a shelter and was hungry and weak.

According to Goran, who spoke to Metro UK,

“I turned around by mistake and noticed this small puppy. A few feet away, your sister or brother lay lifeless. He was at the end of his patience. I quickly gave him a dinner, which he accepted because I usually carry dog food with me. Words can’t express how big the puppy was or how hungry he was. It was about the same size as a shoe.

As a refuge, Puppy used an old shoe.

The man sends her to the vet to make sure everything is in order. For a short time, the little kitten started playing and offered  Goran even more.

As a woman saw the little puppy, she immediately fell in love with him and adapted without thinking twice.

Goran says:

A woman immediately fell in love with Smestin, adapted it and now she lives as a queen.

Since the adaptation, the puppy is now called Coco and has changed completely. She has grown up, has great skin, is nourished and is continuing new adventures with her family.

Goran, for one, continues to save as many abandoned animals on Serbian streets as he can. Generally, the guy works alone, but he does occasionally receive assistance from friends and ordinary people to aid with veterinarian and feeding bills.

Last but not least, Goran assures:

“I offer food to the street animals that do not receive food from humans and do not have owners.”       Source: Facebook/ Goran Marinkovic

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