Rescuers Shocked To Discover Extremely Skinny Dog Hiding Something Special

When Lollie was found living in a shed, she was extremely dehydrated and unbelievably skinny.She was much thinner than any dog should be especially considering she was hiding a big secret.Lollie had just given birth to eight puppies.

Poor Lollie was in no condition to care for her puppies, at least not all on her own. Luckily, they were all taken in by rescuers with the RSPCA Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, who immediately set about trying to get them all healthy again.Lollie seemed so relieved once she and her puppies were finally safe. She could relax a little while her rescuers helped make sure she and her family had everything they needed.

“Despite her state, she did her very best to take care of her eight puppies and, thankfully, they’re all now doing well,” Jane Ellis, a staff member at the RSPCA Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, said in a press release. “She can now rest easy and concentrate on getting better while we help with the busy and growing puppies.”

The pups’ rescuers decided to name them Ben, Jerry, Calippo, Chupa, Rocket, Whippy, Vimto and Zap. They’re getting bigger and stronger every day, and Lollie is getting stronger, too, as her rescuers work to help get her to a healthy weight again.“Lollie is on a special feeding programme to help her gain weight and build her muscle,” Ellis said. “The whole family is doing well.”Once they’re all strong enough, Lollie and her pups will go up for adoption and will each find their perfect forever homes. Until then, they’re enjoying getting lots of love and attention from their rescuers, and everyone can’t wait to watch them continue to thrive.

Source: Daily dodo

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