Dog Family Dumped On Street With Nothing But A Blanket Snuggle Together For Warmth

The other day, Suzette Hall prepared for a triple dog rescue in a small, gated community. As the founder of Logan’s Legacy, Hall’s used to complicated missions, but this one was different instead of one or two dogs, there were three who needed to be saved. And they were all extremely protective of one another.Hall first learned about the dogs through a Good Samaritan who lived in the neighborhood. They told her that the dogs were dropped off by their previous owners, who’d left them with nothing more than a blanket, a box and each other’s company.

“The dogs literally just stayed there,” Hall told The Dodo. “They were so scared.”Shivering, the dogs curled up together on the blanket and tried to stay warm while they waited for their family to come back.

As the days passed, residents of the gated community became more and more desperate to save the pups. They tried to catch them, but the dogs refused to let them get close.

“Nobody could touch them,” Hall told The Dodo. “They would run and hide, then come back.”

Helpless, the neighbors poured a heaping pile of kibble next to their blanket and filled a bowl with water. Then, they called Hall.Hall drove straight to the neighborhood as soon as she got the call. She found the spot where the dogs were reportedly living, but they were nowhere to be found.

“I saw the blanket, but I didn’t see them,” Hall said. “So I decided to get out of my car and look, and then they all just woke up. They were underneath the blanket cuddled up.”

It had recently stormed in the Southern Californian neighborhood, and the puppies were doing everything they could to stay warm. Hall could tell instantly that rescuing all three pups was going to be complicated because of how close they were, but she knew she had to give it a shot anyway.Hall set up two humane dog traps, then watched as one of the dogs went straight in just a few minutes after. Hall and the other two dogs were shocked.

“The one went in super fast, and then that’s all the other two cared about,” Hall said. “They stopped smelling the other trap, and they just kept circling the trap that their friend was in.”

The two loose pups refused to go near the empty trap, even though it was filled with delicious food. Instead, they stuck by their friend’s side literally.

“I put their friend’s trap behind the empty one and tried to get them to go in, but they wouldn’t,” Hall said. “They just wanted their friend. It was so adorable but so sad.”

After a few more attempts, Hall decided to try something different. She placed the closed dog trap in her van and waited for the two loose pups to come running up to it. She hid nearby and watched as the pups jumped in one at a time.“Finally, they did it,” Hall said. “Then, they went all the way to the back, and I shut the door behind them.”

Hall knew that the dogs would be happy to see each other again, but it wasn’t until she got into the van herself that she realized just how sweet of a reunion it was.

“When I got in, I saw the two dogs jumping on their friend’s trap, so I opened it for them,” Hall said. “They both went into the trap, and then they all snuggled together. They were just so happy to be together.”Hall took the pups later named Naomi, Adam and Jacob to Camino Pet Hospital for emergency checkups. Once there, the dogs were confirmed to be seniors, and they were in desperate need of dental work. But, other than that, they were in good shape.

Today, the dogs can be found huddling up together for a nap at the vet clinic or dishing out juicy kisses to their caregivers. They’re now eligible to be placed in foster care or adoption, but Hall’s still waiting for the perfect family to find them. Most importantly, she’s doing everything she can to keep them together.

“I would love for them to stay together because they’re so bonded,” Hall said. “You can tell they’re related and that they’re a family. They just love each other so much.”

So far, the pups are still at the vet clinic waiting for their next chapter to begin. Only time will tell if the loving trio will stay together, but, for now, they’re making the most out of each day, one cuddle pile at a time.

Source: Daily dodo



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