A Pregnant Pig Flees A Farm In Order To Save Her Kids

Matilda was conceived in a factory farm. She apparently understood the tragedy that awaited her babies, so she opted to give delivery in a secure area. Pigs may live for 15-20 years on average, but if farmers have them to grow, the piglets will not live more than six months.

Matilda’s maternal instincts told her that it was time to flee the farm if she wanted her small kids to have a different fate.

The tiny pig did what was necessary to preserve her piglets and walked into a neighboring woodland in the Nottinghamshire town of Ollerton.

A pregnant sow rushes to give delivery.

Anna Aston was strolling her dogs through the woods when she noticed the pig nursing her kids.

He had no idea why he was there, so he chose to seek assistance from Jon Beresford and Beth Hewis, co-founders of Brinsley Animal Rescue.

Jon stated to The Dodo:

“We went back the next day to check things out and discovered that she had escaped from a neighboring pig farm… Her kids appeared to be in good health, she was skinny, and she could graze, but she couldn’t seek for food since she had a ring on her nose.”

It would not be an easy task to save the pig and her kids since they needed to inform the owner of the animals to prevent legal complications. But they knew the animal had fled to seek a better future, so they had to do something to assist her alter her unfortunate fate.

Jon added:

“We couldn’t just pick them up like that. How are we going to preserve them? ‘In the end, we required the owners’ permission.’

Finding information about Matilda’s owners was difficult, but Jon and Beth devised a brilliant solution. They contacted various media outlets and launched a public campaign to preserve the pig and her piglets.

The moving narrative quickly went viral, and rescuers hoped that Matilda and her children would be safe.

Jon also stated:

‘The firm contacted me after the article appeared in nearly every major newspaper in the UK. They wanted to know where Matilda was so they could ‘check on her.’ We felt deceived when a journalist for a major publication photographed them returning to their enclave.

Everyone was concerned about Matilda and her piglets’ future, but Jon organized a demonstration to draw the attention of the company’s owners. Later, the farmers contacted Jon and agreed to officially surrender Matilda and her little children to him.

The brave little pig and her family are now happily living in the Brinsley Animal Rescue shelter, prospering with each passing day.

Matilda wished to preserve the lives of her children, and thanks to her instincts, she can now devote her full attention to what she adores.

Jon stated:

“Matilda is a wonderful mother; she is also a wonderful person who is delighted that we are living with her and her children.”

Matilda and her four kids will be transported to Surge Sanctuary soon, where they will live peacefully for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, some of the babies will be placed for adoption in pairs, but they will continue to enjoy the independence they have worked so hard for.

Source: Facebook _ Brinsley Animal Rescue

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