A stray Cat Appears In Front Of A Man’s Window When There’s A Polar Vortex

He was working from home earlier this week when he spotted something strange outside of his window.

A “snow squall,” caused by the polar vortex, began blanketing his Brooklyn neighborhood in white.

In addition to him, it appeared that others desired to be inside. 

On the window sill, a tabby cat had climbed up and scratched and rubbed against the screen. Styer told The Dodo, “She was begging to be let in.”

He knew the cat as Chunk Chunk, a member of a neighboring stray cat colony that he had previously encountered. And he realized he had to do something about it.

In Styer’s words, “I’ve never seen her respond this way before.” As a result of her inexperience, it was obvious that she had no idea what to do in an emergency.”

His fiancée Renee Becerra, on the other hand, spends her time caring for the strays in his area. Since Chunk Chunk had just joined the colony a few months ago, she was unprepared for the weather.

When it came to bringing the cats inside, he was apprehensive. However, he knew Renee would want him to assist Chunk Chunk out. Chunk Chunk was the proper thing to do because Renee is my favorite and I knew it.

As soon as Styer opened the window, he let Chunk Chunk in. It wasn’t until the cat was secure and warm that she was unsure of what to do with her.

According to Styer, “she even let me pick her up, which is rare for our community cats.” “As soon as I put her down, she took off running around the house and tried to escape out another window. When she raced into it, she found it was closed.”

Eventually, Styer put Chunk Chunk in the bathroom, away from their dog, and she began to relax. Upon returning home, Becerra realized who their house visitor was.

Becerra told The Dodo, “She’s been one of the friendliest community cats I’ve ever met.” When she gets a pet, she purrs.

Their flat was a haven for numerous litters of stray kittens, and Becerra wants to capture as many adults as she can in the spring to spay and release them. Thanks to a notch on her right ear, Chunk Chunk has already been spayed.

This winter, Becerra has been attempting to warm up local animals and invites others to follow suit.

As Becerra put it, “winter is the most difficult time of year for these cats.” Three winter shelters were built by me, as well as regular food donations. Some cat rescues sell winter shelters, but you may also construct your own. It’s absolutely worth putting some out if you have the room or a safe, peaceful place in your area.”

Chunky won’t have to endure another cold New York day for the foreseeable future.

In the meanwhile, Chunk Chunk will be with us, Becerra stated. ASPCA contacts will be contacted to see if they can help locate Chunk Chunk a home.

Source: Nathaniel Styer

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