The Miraculous Surgery Of The Abandoned Dog Was Dumped At The Kill Shelter

Oreo was taken to a shelter with serious medical conditions after she was rescued Oreo from a kill shelter. She was sick, had tumors all over my tummy, had horrible dental disease, a kennel cough, and multiple infections.

She was taken to AMA Animal Rescue for care and treatment. Her body and feet were covered in so much hair that she couldn’t even walk properly. What was even more troubling was the horrid smell coming from one of her paws, like rotten meat.The vets are fearful of what they will find under all of that hair. Her stomach is riddled with masses all along her mammary gland chains, which we already know will require major surgery to remove. To top it all off, Oreo also has kennel cough.

She had a kennel cough and was matted horribly. Once she was shaved, they discovered that the skin on her paws was so infected it was raw and oozing pus.

It was excruciating for her to walk, and the overgrown nails didn’t help. Her mouth was also in a horrific condition to the point of the inside of her mouth being red and swollen. It’s been a few weeks of intensive care to prepare her for a major surgery removal of a mammary gland chain riddled with tumors, spaying, and extensive dental. It is a lot for a small dog, but absolutely necessary for Oreo’s quality of life.

After everything that she’s been through, they couldn’t be happier for our senior girl Oreo. Despite her chronic but minor medical issues and severe separation anxiety, she found her happily ever after. We’re excited to announce that Oreo is no longer homeless.

Source: AMA Animal Rescue

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