Vincent – the Maine Coon cat with the fur looks like a black panther and acts like a dog

Vincent is a Maine Coon cat who has succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention thanks to his large body size, captivating eyes, and silky black coat that makes him look like a black panther.

This enchanted creature has TikTok as well as Instagram accounts with a total following of more than five hundred thousand.

Andrey and Anastasia felt that life was sad so they bought Vincent. And from then on their life became very interesting.

Because they do not have children and love cats very much, they went to a pet store. Maine Coon’s adorable face instantly made the couple fall in love with him.


When Vincent was brought back to his house, he caught everyone’s attention because he looked like a real person.

They didn’t immediately come up with a name for the cat and drew inspiration from the “Brassic” series when they finally decided to name it Vincent.


The main character is named Vincent and somewhat resembles a cat.

Apparently because the Maine Coon is so large, it’s difficult to lift it off the floor. That said, his growth phase is expected to continue for another 1-2 years.

He is a playful as well as lovable kitty. After realizing that Vincent possessed the ability to seduce people, the couple created him an Instagram and TikTok account.

Soon, the beautiful photos and videos of the Maine Coon went viral. Vincent always closely observes what his human parents are doing and is even sensitive to human pain.

His curiosity led him to keep an eye on his caregivers. Vincent likes to play ball with a small ball made of twisted paper.

When he gets bored, he brings his ball to his men and asks them to throw it at him. Then he caught the ball and brought it back.

This game of chase proves that Vincent resembles a hunting dog not only in size but also in character.


The attentive cat even reacts emotionally whenever its owner sneezes. Andrey and Anastasia admit that taking care of the big cat is no easy task, but they still love it.

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