Rescuers Save a Cat With Tape Roll Stuck Over Neck And Deal Him a New Life

A ginger cat was found living on the streets in California with a large empty tape roll over his neck.

Lots of people attempted to aid him however he hesitated of people so they couldn’t catch him. Kimberly Saxelby and Chris Gattas decided to get out to the location to take the poor feline to safety.

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”When we arrived we set a catch simply two feet away from him while he laid under a car, we waited for a hr however we identified that he was not entering because of the tape roll on his head so we had no choice however to attempt and catch him with our nets. After chasing him for some time and cornering him right into an old shed that is when Chris was able to catch him with the pole net as he attempted to run out,” Kimberly stated.

They think the tape roll on his neck had gotten on for actually months. They sent out the cat over to Rancho Cucamonga Animal Sanctuary to begin a medical therapy.

”We actually believed there was a dead animal near the shed however it was actually the smell of his rotting flesh and infection from his neck.”

”Little did we all know after we sedated him just how bad his problem was till we cut the tape roll off his neck. It brought tears to my eyes since I couldn’t picture the pain and suffering this poor sweet cat has actually been through and for as long as he has. He is extremely skinny and dehydrated from not having the ability to eat or drink well with the tape roll over his head.”

The terrific veterinarians at the shelter provided the ginger boy emergency surgery to clean and fix the area around his whole neck and above his ears.

”We named this handsome boy Valentine since that is the day this sweet boy was saved.”

Source: Daily More

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