The Story of Imperfect But Powerful Dogs and Cats

Alex Cearns is an animal photographer. He is well-known. Many are already familiar with his work, but this recent series is truly a sight to behold. Perfectly Imperfect. The Dog Portraits of Resilience is a photographic masterpiece. Alex took the time to capture disabled dogs and cats in their true essence and shed light on their condition.

Drago is an adorable Bully who has a tendency to faint due to his heart condition.

Romeo lost an eye in a fight with another dog and is smiling despite everything.

Neo is a testament to the power of positive thinking. This puppy is and will be an absolute delight.

Peg has a special leg. But that doesn’t stop her from living her life to the full.

It is not easy to be born without eyes. This cat sees with his heart.

Crash was left to fend for himself when he was just a kitten. Luckily, a helpful passerby decided to adopt him and change his life forever.

Skye had an accident when she was a puppy and lost an eye. She was undeterred by this fact.

Keisha was adopted by a loving family. The paralyzed dog’s will to live didn’t become less in the slightest.

Rupert may be missing a leg, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life

Scrappy had to have his eyes removed after a series of problems.

Oompah had scabies and was homeless. She has since been adopted by a loving family.

Jaffa is missing a paw and had to wait eight years to find a forever home. Today, he finally lives with a loving family.

Beau is deaf due to skin cancer, which has left him without ears. Nevertheless, he has a happy life.

Jakk was thrown into a rubbish bin because of his deformed legs. Luckily, his sad cries were heard before it was too late.

Bali Pip is bald because of scabies. Despite this, he lives life to the fullest.

Aryah is deaf in one ear, has a deformed face and is missing an eye. She has not let circumstances change her gentle nature.

Poor Vegemite was attacked by a dog and lost an eye. He is still very gentle.

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali
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Source: Alex Cearns

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