Nеglеctеd Mσthеr Dσg Disρσsеd In Trash Bin Is Hеartbrσkеn Withσut Hеr Babiеs

Michigan Humanе Culturе investigators found a malnourished dog in a trash can near 7 Mile and Southfield Road in Detroit. Its health was bad, and they were very worried about it

When they arrive to rescue her, they realize that she was born late. They searched the area for her litter of puppies, but sadly couldn’t find them.

The mother dog seems to be very sad and desperatewhen there are no children. When she’s healthy again, MHS will help her find the best home forever.

Meanwhile, the gentleman society plans to give up locating its puppies, but they know for sure how difficult it will be, especially since dogs can come from anywhere, not just Dеtroit.

It is possible that someone abandoned the mother dog when she gave birth and kept her cubs for sale. too bad if this is true.

If anyone recognizes this dog or has any information regarding her puppies or how she lived in this condition, please call the Michigan Human Society at No. 313-872-3401. Hope there will be good news for her


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