The 10-month-old dog was broken by the “monster” and lost consciousness

Liana was rescued in Khalde after an animal lover reported her following her assault.

Witnesses say barely 10 months old Liana was hit in the head repeatedly, until she fell unconscious.

A cold, metal bar strikes her head so quickly she doesn’t even know what hit her.

She has no time to turn around and see the monster stunning her before she feels another gut-wrenching hit to her stomach.

Another to her leg, before she finally falls and doesn’t get back up, a strike to the leg which left her with a severe fracture.

When she woke up she was suffering from a terrible head concussion that left her disoriented and confused.

With his job finished, the monster walks away and continues on with his day, leaving the 10-month-old puppy to die a slow and painful death.

Liana was rushed to the vet, she was diagnosed with a front leg fracture which was operated on immediately, as well as a head wound that was cleaned and properly dressed.

The imagery of what this event looked like is hard, but it’s nothing compared to the trauma that was actually endured by the victim, 10-month-old Liana.

Though we don’t know the details of exactly what happened, it’s true that it’s most likely far worse than what can imagine. No living soul deserves to be beaten to the ground in an effort to be killed, defenseless, and hopeless.

We are sorry this happened to you sweet girl, we are even more sorry that ttempts at education and awareness is leading nowhere.

Source: betalebanon

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