The cat with infected wounds has miraculously survived

Sweet Remy is the cat that was rescued after an animal lover reported to BETA that another person tried to help the seemingly abandoned cat by applying duct tape over an infected wound.

They think they’ve seen it all until they get pictures of sweet Remy.They like to think that the person who did this was trying to help as much as possible. Although Rémy received some “help”, it sadly did not help him. Instead, it appeared as someone applying Scotch bandages to an infected wound.Despite their efforts, they still let him suffer in the streets.
Remy has been taken to the vet he is suffering from an infection, hot to the touch, barely conscious, the infection has entered his bloodstream and sweet Remy is now fighting for his life his life.His wound was full of pus, the smell of his rotten skin filled the room he was in.
Rémy was sedated to gauge exactly what was going on, and his wound was carefully cleaned and sutured.How did this happen? Why does this happen?
Poor Rémy, a victim of abandonment, has never needed to defend herself, nor has she ever learned how to defend herself. His instincts never worked, he was caught in a fight with a rat, and bled from scratches and bites.
Remy is still fighting for his life after the surgery, he will be in the hospital for the next few days recovering from the surgery under round-the-clock supervision, IV fluids, antibiotics and medication. severe pain relief.
Despite all that Remy has been through, he still has a sweet heart to those who care about him and we truly believe he deserves every fighting chance to get through the challenge, and heal wounds.

Source: BETA

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