Since Being Rescued From A Fur Farm Zorro Grows Into A Loyal Friend

Woody, a cute and adorable fox that was raised on a fur farm, did not have a very good outcome. His adoptive father, Yaroslav, saved him in 2015. Although this kind of farm is entirely legal in Russia, Yarolslav was determined to protect Woody from harm as soon as he spotted him.

When the young guy got in touch with the farm’s proprietors, they agreed to give him the animal in exchange for his paying the sum they anticipated selling its skin for.

According to Bored Panda , Woody was initially somewhat withdrawn and did not come into contact with people; he was a bit stressed due to the changes in his environment, and after a week Yaroslav managed to interact with the shy fox and they began to form a friendship.

The fox spent its first month away from the fur farm at Yaroslav’s house to fulfill the quarantine. To give him adequate space, the man built a kennel for him to spend his time outdoors comfortably.

A cunning fox named Woody dug numerous tunnels as soon as he was let out of the kennel and occasionally emerged.

Although the fox was highly active, his father adds that because he had never acquired the abilities of a wild animal and had grown up on a fur farm, he was unable to keep safe and survive in the forest on his own.

Now Woody is a happy boy, he eats natural products such as meat, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables; his favorite food is a fruit called persimmon.

It really is amazing to see how happy he is as a pet, since foxes are not animals that can be tamed.

Yaroslav says that it is not an easy task to take care of Woody. He says it’s like having a cat and an energetic and disobedient dog in one body.

He’s quite mischievous, but the man doesn’t change the experience of sharing his life with the adorable fox for anything.

Without a doubt, Yaroslav’s actions altered not just his life but also that of Woody, who is now enjoying exploring and causing mischief that amuses people online.       

Source: Woody The Fox 

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