Blind Chicken Finally Overcomes With Grief For Her Dead Best Friend After Having Considerate Siblings

It’s undoubted that you can find hundreds of stories about brave and clever dogs that help people with physical and mental health problems. We all know that these adorable canines are able to brighten your mood and cheer you up in the darkest days of your life.

However, they not only are the best companions of humans, but they also are reliable and supportive friends of other animals. Here is a lovely story about a blind chicken and her puppy best buddy!

Peri is a 10-year-old hen that lost her eyesight when she was 6 months old due to an infection. Though her family tried their best to save her eyes, she was completely blind.

Thankfully, the poor hen always got tremendous support from her loving family, especially her four-legged brother Taj, who helped her navigate and acclimate to the new life. He had showered Peri with love and care and ensured she was safe and sound until death did them part.

Her parents also gave Peri anything to make her life more comfortable and satisfying. Her mom, Christa Hubbard, shared that they ”made adjustments to help her as she lost her sight” such as creating low roosting bars, and providing Peri with an ottoman and a noisy rug under her food bowls.

They even sought help from a “chicken nanny” when they left their home.

However, it’s her close-knit bond with Taj that has given her the strength to face all the adversities and live her life to the fullest. They became inseparable and shared most of their time together during 8 years. That’s why Peri was in absolute distress when Taj died from cancer.


The pup’s death has made Peri so shocked and upset that her family worried she would never regain her spirit.
Fortunately, the family had the right move when they decided to adopt two pit bull dogs, which helped Peri be back to herself.

Though Taj held an irreplaceable place in Peri’s heart, her friendship with the new siblings alleviated her grief, especially when her sister Gracie was extremely affectionate toward her.

Peri and Gracie have become best friends bit by bit, and Gracie seems to take over the responsibility of Taj. The pup keeps Peri safe and makes sure Peri can always get what she wants whenever she needs.

It’s clear that Taj would be relieved to know that his loved friend is now under the good care of Gracie. We’re all happy for Peri since she’s found a great bond with those considerate pups.

Source: Christa Hubbard

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