Animals Heartbroken Chihuahua Abandoned At Shelter Tucks Himself In At Night Like His Passed-Away Owner Used To

When we grieve our beloved ones’ demise, we often repeat activities we used to do with them. Not only do humans do it, but pets also behave so when they miss their gone-away pals. The longer they have been with the gone-away, the harder for them to get rid of the habits.

Scooter, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, lived happily until his cherished 10-year owner passed away. The family didn’t want him anymore and sent him to the shelter. Being brought to a new place while facing the loss, Scooter was desperate and heartbroken.

To comfort himself, Scooter pulled up a dark blue blanket with white stars over his little body, tucking himself in the way his owner used to do to send him to bed. The tiny body was covered under the blanket, and only the anxious face with cautious pointing ears popped out of the little bundle.

The staff at the Humane Society of Branch County was worried that nobody would adopt Scooter since he was already 12 and had an old hip injury. Still, the heartfelt scene of him curdling up and tucking inside the blanket made them more determined to find him a better place. They shared Scooter’s story on their Facebook, and a miracle knocked on the door.

Among people from all around the world writing to the shelter to give the poor pup a home, Jessica Lynn Howard and Jin, Jessica’s husband, who had adopted two other Chihuahuas from the shelter in the past, knew how to mend Scooter’s heart. When they came home with Scooter, he was delighted to meet his new pack and family.

Everyone greeted the new guy as if he was a long-lost friend of theirs. The Howard family had three more other dogs and lived on a big farm, so they could easily accommodate their pack of six dogs, including Scooter. Ever since then, Scooter’s personality has really started to shine. Now, he loves fooling around with his siblings and acting goofy.

We wish all senior dogs at the shelter would have the opportunity to find their furever home. If you do too, please like and share Scooter’s story and comment below to spread the message!

Source: Jessica Lynn Howard

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