Horse Has Incredible Long Blonde Hair That Resembles The Fairy-Tale Character Rapunzel

It might be improbable, but a horse that looks like it was created for fairy tales or a Disney movie, thrives in Limburg, Netherlands and has captured the internet’s attention. A horse named Storm is taking the Internet by storm. The eight-year-old Haflinger mare (a breed known for their beautiful hair) has an enthusiastic social media following thanks to her wavy golden locks.Not only are the gentle curls perfectly styled, but they effortlessly fall down her back. Storm’s glamour even earned her the nickname “Rapunzel” after the character in the classic fairy tale. Storm is an eight-year-old Haflinger mare and has wavy, golden, and perfectly styled curly locks. 

This amazing head of hair is now over three feet in length, earning the beautiful horse the nickname “Rapunzel.” When Storm was about three years old her mane had already passed her shoulder and from that point on they were no longer cut. 

Now six years old, Storm’s hair is majestic and a marvel to look at. The “Rapunzel of Horses” is now a major star after earning a considerable following on social media networks such as Instragram and Facebook because of her incredible mane. Haflinger horses are famous for their long manes, which, when cared for correctly, can resemble human hair. The horse’s hair is naturally wavy but is often braided at the front to prevent the mane from being caught or stuck in and around the stable when the horse is on their own.

The breed was first created in Austria in the 17th century, and now thousands can be found all over Europe. Originally developed as pack-horses for forestry and agricultural work in mountainous regions, Haflingers are used in a variety of activities such as draft and pack work, light harness, combined driving, and many athletic events.

Storm’s Rapunzel locks perfectly twin with her human, 24-year-old student and entrepreneur Naomi Beckers. She bought Storm from her previous owner two years ago after noticing Storm’s long and luscious hair, which flawlessly match her own. She recalled, “I met Storm’s owner on Instagram, and I was amazed by Storm’s mane. Some Haflingers do have wavy hair, which is often most visible when they are still young and have shorter manes. However as their manes grow longer their waves usually straighten, unlike their tails which often stay wavy throughout their life.”Storm already had a decent social media following, but Beckers decided to set up a new Instagram account where Storm’s human admirers could follow her progress. However, she never imagined it would become so popular. Storm’s Instagram now has nearly 35,000 followers, making her one of the most famous horses on the photo-sharing social network. “I was planning to post a few pictures on it [Storm’s Instagram] from time to time, but people kept asking me when I would post another photo,” Beckers says. “It is actually a bit out of control, but I think it is very nice that it has grown so much.”

The two are even more popular when they are photographed together. When Beckers poses alongside Storm, the two are a remarkable sight. With their long, flowing, blond curls, the photogenic pair would be perfect for a dream shampoo commercial, or their own fairy tale movie. The pictures recall images of princesses and their stately horses. This wildly attractive pair, with their gorgeous wavy hair, is sure to become even more famous as their images continue to catch the attention of netizens everywhere.

Source: loloanimals

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