The dog was strangled under the tree, was starved and had no place to hide

Earlier this year, a helpless little dog was discovered tied in a tree on a farm in central Georgia, without food, a bed, or any protection from climate change. He was kept in these conditions for four years.His look was horrible; he weighed around 11 kilograms, although a pit bull should weigh between 20 and 30 kilos, and he had neck injuries from the chains.After receiving an anonymous complaint, Cordele Animal Shelter shared the tale with the public on social media, along with some heartbreaking images.The poor animal was in desperate need of a new home where he could get the affection he had been denied for so long.

People were overwhelmingly positive after hearing about the dog’s story; they spread it widely, and the Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc organization did not hesitate to rush to the location as quickly as possible to rescue it; they were willing to change the direction of his life.Fortunately, the dog formerly known as “Cocaine” was promptly adopted into a foster home, where he is making good progress toward rehabilitation.In addition, he has been dubbed “Hero” in recognition of his bravery and strength, and the transformations he has undergone as a result of his rescuers’ affection are quite astonishing.He tested positive for heartworm, a parasitic infection that infects the arteries and heart. This was worrying, but according to an update from the rescue group, he is now perfectly healthy after receiving therapy.

Source: Malise

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