Dropped And Entangled In River, Dog Sheds Tears When Feeling Rescuer’s Gentle Touch

Most staff members at animal rescue centers are accustomed to urgent phone calls from citizens about miserable animals. Though they always try their best and prepare any necessary equipment for the rescue, some cases are still challenging for them. One example is the situation of Biggie, an elderly German Shepherd dog that was abandoned near the Los Angeles River.

The dog had been trapped in the river for a few weeks. The residents around that area provided him with food, but they struggled to get him out as there was no way to enter the place. Eventually, they looked for help from Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization.

After receiving the call from the local community, Hope For Paws sent a rescue team to the river. They were stunned by the special challenge before being frustrated as they did not prepare for that.

Fortunately, with the neighbors’ help, they managed to get enough equipment for the river rescue mission. The moment rescuers reached Biggie, he burst into tears while feeling the warm hands on his head, which touched everyone’s heart.

The dog was s bit scared at first, but he got used to the kind volunteers at the center after a short time. He seemed so grateful for being saved and enjoyed all the love and care from people around him.

How do you feel when you see the tears in Biggie’s eyes? Have you ever seen an animal cry? Let’s write down your thoughts in the comment and share this moving story with your friends and family!

Source: hopeforpaws 

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