A baby elephant who has lost his mother cries uncontrollably and is unable to find solace elsewhere

A baby elephant cried heartbrokenly, his heart torn by being rejected by his mother. The creature that was meant to watch over him and keep an eye on him had abandoned him, and he couldn’t believe it.

Rejection is a horrible feeling, and it gets more worse when it comes from someone close to you. This horrible event took place when a newborn elephant cried uncontrollably for hours since he couldn’t understand what was happening to his mother.

Little Zhuang not only felt his mother’s disapproval, but she also made an attempt to hurt him, which was unsual for these creatures as they usually stay with their young until they are strong enough to defend themselves.At first, the caregivers assumed it was an accident, so they attended to the boy’s wounds and reunited him with his mother.

It then became obvious that the baby would have to be taken away from its mother and not be able to stay with her in the same place.

Despite the fact that this was done to save the young elephant’s physical integrity, mental trauma had already been done.

The baby’s parents made an effort to reassure him, but none could have known what would transpire once he was taken away from his mother.Before I could comfort him, he had been weeping for five hours and was in a lot of agony.

One of the workers said, “He couldn’t handle being away from his mother, and it was his mother who was trying to kill him.According to experts, elephant mothers often give birth in the presence of their family and choose a sort of midwife who will help them raise the child in the future.

But only wild elephants have access to this privilege; elephants kept in captivity do not.

Living in captivity outside of typical family groups may damage an animal’s instincts to protect its young, according to their findings.

Source: Daily More

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