Stray Dog Finds A Litter Of Puppies And Adopts Them As His Own

When a Good Samaritan saw a stray dog protecting a litter of puppies in a Texas parking lot, she assumed the dog was their mother. The woman had no idea the dog was male, or that he had no relation to the puppies at all.Experienced rescuer Leslie Hennings said it’s not uncommon for stray dogs to protect puppies on the street.
“There’s a lot of dog fights among strays because of food,” Hennings told The Dodo. “They’re just starving.”
To protect his adopted litter from other strays, the adult dog placed himself in front of whomever he deemed a threat, “shielding them in any way” Hennings said.

Eventually, the woman captured the scared dog and brought him and his puppies back to her property while they waited for transportation to their foster homes.
There was no fence at the woman’s property, but she figured the dogs would stay close to the food she put out and blankets she laid down.“The puppies wouldn’t stay,” Hennings said. According to Hennings, one or two puppies tried wandering off every day that they were there, but their adoptive dad would always find them.

“They would escape, and the dad would just bring them back ” Hennings said.Days later, volunteer pilots offered to take this loving, adoptive dog father and puppies to their foster home at White Rock Dog Rescue. Now they’re safe and under the same roof, waiting together for their forever homes.

Although they might not all be adopted together, the dutiful dog and his sweet puppies will always be family.

Source: Daily dodo

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