Huge Pittie Raised By Cats Thinks She’s A Cat Too

“They would run around the house together and Percy would sit on the small cat tree to be her height,” Willow and Percy’s mom, Socorro Jaramillo, told The Dodo. “Eventually, Willow started trying to get up with him.”

At first, Jaramillo was wary of Willow’s insistence on climbing. But as the years have gone by, she’s come to terms with her dog’s quirkiness. In fact, Jaramillo loves that her animals get along so well, and that Willow is so loving.

Jaramillo rescued Willow in January 2020 when the pup was about 9 weeks old. Soon after, Willow met her new siblings. There was Percy, of course, along with Klaus, an older cat, and Spike, a 9-year-old Chihuahua.

It wasn’t long before Willow began trying to copy her smaller siblings’ behavior.

“After about a week of living together full-time, we started noticing Willow copying Klaus and Spike’s habits,” Jaramillo said. “Since they’re both small, they could climb up on the couch and were able to jump up to the window nook from there. The first few times [Willow] jumped up to be with her brothers were a struggle, and we’d have to help her down, but after some practice, she was up and down by herself with no problem.”

Willow is known for her curiosity and her affable attitude. Her love for her siblings extends to anyone she meets.

“I consider her to be a giant baby,” Jaramillo said. “She follows us everywhere we go in the house and almost always has to be laying on us. She loves humans with her entire being and has a constant wiggle butt whenever she meets a new person.”

Wherever her family is, Willow is most content. The obedient dog shows that size and species don’t matter when it comes. 

Source: Socorro Jaramillo

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